Entity Page Layout

About the New Entity and Edit Entity pages

The New Entity and Edit Entity pages for each entity have a similar layout that makes switching between views and locating fields easy. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above. Depending on your browser settings, the entity page opens in the main workspace or on a new tab.

In the standard layout, the Details panel is shown on the left and the Insights panel on the right of the Main panel.

When the browser window size is smaller than 1284 pixels, the compact layout is shown. You will use a tab to switch between the Details and the Insights tab.

NOTE  The Organization Your Autotask instance may be configured to use one of the following terms instead: Account, Business Unit, Client Company, Customer, Site. entity does not have an Insights panel.

The top of the page

The Main panel

The most important information about the entity appears on the Main panel. For information about entity components and field descriptions, refer to the entity Details pages:

The accessory tabs

Accessory tabs are located at the bottom of the Main panel. This is the working area of the entity. You are able to track time entries and to-dos for tickets, notes, and attachments for opportunities and devices, etc. The number next to an accessory tab name indicates the total number of tab-related items associated with the entity.

For comprehensive information about accessory tabs, refer to Accessory tabs.

The Notification panel

The New and Edit pages for each entity except Organization and Contact feature a notification panel that is accessed from a persistent handle at the bottom of the page.

For more information, refer to Notification panel.