Accessory tabs

NOTE  For a description of the other components of the new page layout, refer to Entity Page Layout.

Accessory tabs are a series of tabs located at the bottom of the main panel, below all expandable components selected for the entity category. They allow you to create, view, and manage items that are associated with the current entity. Depending on the entity, you can track notes, time entries, attachments, expenses, and a number of other items on the tabs. For a complete list of accessory tabs, refer to Types of accessory tabs.

Accessory tabs are loaded independently from the main content of the page. If you move between modes, unsaved changes made to fields in the accessory tabs will be saved.

The number next to an accessory tab name indicates the total number of tab-related items associated with the entity. It does not take into account your security permissions, so it may not reflect the actual number of items you will see on the tab table.