The Milestones tab

The Milestone tab appears on tasks where the project is associated with a fixed price contract. It displays all contract milestones that are either associated with this task, or not associated with any task, yet. Milestones associated with a phase or with another task do not appear. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.

The following options are available from the Milestones table context menus and the bulk menu:

Menu Option Description
Edit Milestone (Milestone context menu only)

Select this option to open the Edit Milestone page. For details on the fields on the Edit Milestone page, refer to Milestones.

NOTE  If you select Automate "Ready to Bill", the milestone will be automatically set to Ready to Bill when its associated task or phase is set to Complete.


From the context or the bulk menu, select Associate to associate the milestone or selected milestones with the current task, or select Disassociate to remove the association with the current task.

Milestones must be added on the fixed price contract, so you cannot create new milestones on this tab. Refer to Add or edit a milestone. You can, however, associate one or more milestones with this task, and mark them as Ready to Bill once they have been met.

Mark as Ready to Bill Select this option from the context or the bulk menu to manually change the milestone's status to Ready to Bill. This is required if Automate "Ready to Bill" is not selected.

For more on fixed price contract milestones, refer to Milestones.