What is a LiveLink?

LiveLinks are intelligent "links" from Autotask to external applications or web sites, or customized links within Autotask. LiveLinks can pass Autotask information to a target application or web site, helping to streamline your workflow.

IMPORTANT  LiveLinks will not open local or server files.

Examples of what LiveLinks can do

LiveLinks can be simple or complex. You can even set up automatic user or application level authentication for sites that require a login.

How do I use LiveLinks?

LiveLinks are published to selected users. They are available in LiveLink menus or as a LiveLink button in a number of places in Autotask. Simply click the menu item or button to launch the LiveLink. Refer to Publishing LiveLinks and Executing a LiveLink.

How do I create a LiveLink?

NAVIGATION   > Admin > Automation > AutoForms & LiveLinks  > LiveLinks Designer or,
For non-administrators, > Home > View > LiveLinks Designer

You create and manage LiveLinks from the LiveLinks Designer. Users with LiveLinks permission can access the LiveLinks Designer through the Autotask menu under Admin or Home. Refer to Creating or editing a LiveLink.

How do I get permission to create and manage LiveLinks?

Permissions to create, manage, and publish LiveLinks are separate from your Autotask security level permissions. They can be assigned to any user. A System Administrator can assign LiveLinks permissions through the LiveLinks Designer. Refer to Security Policies tab.

What is the AXN Catalog?

Through the AXN Catalog you can share LiveLinks with other members of the Autotask user community and you can download LiveLinks created by others. Upload LiveLinks permission is required. Refer to Sharing LiveLinks through the AutotaskExtend Catalog.