Classification icons

About Classification icons

Classification icons are visual identifiers used to categorize and search for organizations. The icons appear with the organization name throughout Autotask.

EXAMPLE   For example, if you sell different service plans, classification icons can identify which customers are on which plan. When an organization's name comes up on a ticket or in a list, you can quickly assess the type of service that organization receives.

You can also search and sort on the classification categories in both the organization search and CRM system dashboard.

If you are an Administrator with application wide access to features or with access to Organizations & Contacts, you can access the Classification Icons page. This page lists the default set of 10 system classification icons, along with any additional classification icons added by your company. You can also manage classification icons from this page:

  • Add new classification icons
  • Edit the name, description, and active status of any existing classification icon, including system classification icons
  • Edit the images for classification icons your company has added, or delete the entire classification icon.

NOTE  You cannot delete system classification icons, or edit their associated images.

  • Drag and drop the rows in the list of classification icons to arrange their order, which controls the order in which the classifications appear in the selection menus for Classification fields throughout Autotask.

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