Admin security settings

This article describes the security settings you can configure to grant or restrict access to administrator features in Autotask. It also documents the settings of the system security levels in your Autotask instance.

System security levels are not editable, but you can make copies and edit them to create custom security levels. Refer to:


Admin settings provide administrator-level access to manage and configure users and features within Autotask. By default, only the security levels System Administrator and Full Access provide comprehensive access to configure Admin features, and the Manager security level provides access to financial features only.

For many Autotask partners, administration workflows can be too complex for a single System Administrator to manage. If your company is facing this challenge, you can delegate the administration of specific areas and feature sets by creating additional security levels with limited access to Admin.

You can add Admin permissions to security levels based on the following standard security levels:

  • Contractor
  • Manager
  • Minimal Access
  • Private CRM
  • Project Manager
  • Sales
  • Service Desk User
  • Team Member

EXAMPLE  You can create a security level called Service Manager by enabling the Feature/Section Access for Service Desk (Tickets). Doing so will allow the Service Manager to configure queues, priorities, and other help desk-related settings, but not give them access to other Admin sections. The required tabs and sections on the Admin page will appear for the security level.

You can remove Admin permissions from custom security levels based on:

  • API User (API-only)
  • System Administrator
  • Full Access

EXAMPLE  If you would like to create a System Administrator without HR security level, copy the default System Administrator and clear Feature/Section Access for Resources/Users (HR). Then, create a Human Resources security level with Resources/Users (HR) selected. Assign the Human Resources security level to at least one user. The System Administrator without HR can administer all areas of Autotask except the pages accessed from the Resources/Users (HR) section only.

IMPORTANT  If Admin functions are enabled, a number of features in the Application-wide sections and features that were moved to the Automation tab are also activated, including UDFs, Notification Templates, Incoming Email Processing, Surveys and Workflow Rules. This type of access is limited. A Service Desk Manager will be able to manage Ticket UDFs, but not Opportunity UDFs.

Feature access settings

To grant users with this security level Admin access to a feature, select the check box. The table shows which system security level each permission is enabled for by default.

Setting All security levels except Manager and Admin Manager System Administrator, Full Access, and API User
Feature Access























1The two Datto sections are also visible to users with a security level that provides access to at least one of the following:

  • Autotask Add-Ons

  • Client Portal & Taskfire

  • Microsoft Extensions

  • QuickBooks Extension

  • Remote Monitoring / Management Extensions

  • Other Extensions & Tools

2Not API User

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