Service Desk security settings

This article describes the security settings you can configure to grant or restrict access to Service Desk features in Autotask. It also documents the settings of the system security levels in your Autotask instance.

System security levels are not editable, but you can make copies and edit them to create custom security levels. Refer to:


In the Service Desk section, you configure View, Add, Edit, and Delete permissions for tickets, ticket notes, and service calls for this security level.

When you're working with Service Desk access permissions, keep the following concepts in mind:

  • A Ticket View permission set to All is the default setting for security levels that have access to Service Desk.
  • If the Ticket View permission setting is Mine + Organizations, ticket navigation features are displayed, but only tickets and service calls associated with the user will display.
  • If the Ticket View permission or Service Call View permission setting is Mine, ticket or service call navigation elements in Autotask, such as links or buttons and the Service Desk option on the Autotask menu , will not be visible.
  • On ticket reports and the Ticket page > Related Tickets tab, users without access to a specific ticket will see the ticket number but will be unable to open the tickets or view any other ticket data.

NOTE  The settings here allow you to configure permissions at the security level. Also, refer to Service Desk system settings for information about configurations that apply to all security levels.


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