About Boards

What are Boards?

Boards are a way of organizing tickets into a Kanban-style layout grouped into columns and rows by preset criteria. You can directly interact with them by dragging the tickets between columns and rows. Boards are accessed through ticket widgets and ticket widget drill-in grids, and the My Workspace & Queues page. They are available for widgets that appear on the main dashboards. They are not available for widgets that appear on the Organization Your Autotask instance may be configured to use one of the following terms instead: Account, Business Unit, Client Company, Customer, Site. pages or in the Client Portal.

In the example above, the columns of the board are organized by primary resource, and the rows are organized by priority. Each ticket is on a "card". There is one ticket per card. Cards show a specific set of fields from each ticket. A "cell" on the board is the is the space where the row values and column values intersect. In the example above, cards for tickets with the same primary resource and priority appear together in the same cell on the board. When you move a card from one cell to another, the ticket on the card inherits the values from the row and column it is moved to.

Boards can have an On Deck section at the bottom, with a filtered set of tickets that can be moved onto the board. In this example, tickets without a primary resource appear in the bottom On Deck section. Tickets can be moved from the On Deck section to the main board. When tickets are moved, they inherit the values of the cell that they are moved to, in this case, a primary resource and a priority.

NOTE  Boards can have a maximum of 100 cards (tickets) and 25 columns or rows. If you try to view a board with data that would exceed one of those values, you will be required to select a different board or to return to the grid view.

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