Adding and editing card layouts

For more general information about boards, refer to About Boards.

IMPORTANT  If you do not see the > Admin > Features & Settings > Service Desk (Tickets) > Boards option, you will need to edit your security level to include Can add/edit boards permission. Refer to Board Permissions.

Cards are the representation of a ticket on a board. The card layout determines what fields appear on the card and in what order. On this page, you configure the layout of a card. That layout can then be selected for use on a board. Refer to Adding and Editing Boards.

The ticket number will always be visible at the top of the card. Next, any fields chosen as noted below will appear. You can select up to five additional fields from a set list of fields. Each field will appear on its own line on the card. If a selected field has no value, the field will not appear. Below those fields, if configured to do so, the Priority tag and Status tag will appear. In the board's expanded mode, the Priority and Status values will appear as text. In the board's compact mode, only their corresponding icons will appear.

To configure the card layout, complete the steps below.

  1. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.
  2. Click New above the table to create a new card layout, or copy an existing one by selecting Copy from the context menu. To edit an existing card layout, select Edit from the context menu.
  3. Complete the following sections.
Fields Description
Name * Enter a Name for the card configuration.
Active Select the Active check box to make the card configuration available for use. If you are not yet finished configuring the card, you can leave it as inactive until it is ready for use.


Available Fields/Selected Fields You can select up to five additional fields in this section. Double-click or use the center arrows to select the fields which should appear on the card or to remove them. Use the arrows on the right to control the order in which the fields appear.

You can select from the following fields: Organization Name, Completed By, Created By, Issue Type, Queue, Sub-Issue (includes issue), Ticket Category, Ticket Title, Ticket Type, Work Type, and any string, number, or date user-defined fields. The Ticket Number field is not included here as it will always appear at the top of the card.


Display Priority Tag/Display Status Tag

Select these options to have the Priority or Status tags appear on the card. When the board is in compact mode, these tags will appear as icons rather than the field value.
  1. When done, click Save & Close. When you return to the list of boards, your new card configuration will appear at the bottom of the list. To move it to a different location on the list, click the left-most edge of the table and drag it to the desired location.

NOTE  To set a card configuration as the default, once it has been saved, select Set as default from its context menu on the table. Refer to Manage card layouts.