System security levels

What are system security levels?

Autotask includes a set of system security levels that cannot be edited or deleted. On the Security Levels page, you can identify them by the (system) string appended to their names, and the check mark in the System column. If you click the Edit icon for a system security level, the configuration page will open so you can review the settings, but you will not be able to save any changes you make on any of the tabs.

How should system security levels be used?

System security levels are intended to serve as the starting point for creating custom security levels for your company. While they can be directly assigned to resources, we recommend that you make copies and have your Autotask Administrator create custom security levels based on system security levels by adding or removing access to a selected group of features. Refer to Creating or editing a custom security level and Best practice recommendations.

System security level descriptions

Feature/section access at a glance

  Minimal Access (system)

Time and Attendance (system)

Contractor (system)

Co-managed Help Desk (system)

Team Member (system)

Service Desk User (system),
Sales (system), Private CRM (system)

Project Manager (system) Manager (system)

System Administrator (system)
and Full Access (system)

Service Desk  
Reports Refer to Report security settings.
Admin Access to Admin features configured in the security level.
Optional Modules
Outsourcing All access is assigned at the resource level: Admin > Resources/Users > Resources/Users > Add or Edit Resource > Security tab. Refer to Assigning outsourcing permissions.

Settings configured elsewhere