The API tracking identifier

All versions of the Autotask Web Services API (SOAP and REST) require the following:

  • The use of a tracking identifier. All calls except getZoneInfo() require a tracking ID. This allows us to improve API support and security. We can individually disable specific integrations and vendors that are causing problems without impacting API access for everyone else.
  • An API User (API Only) security level and license type (SOAP 1.6+ and REST).
  • SOAP version 1.5 and earlier can still be accessed by other security levels, as long as the Can login to Web Services API (Access to version 1.6 & later is limited to API User security levels) setting is enabled for their security level.

If you select a vendor integration on the Integration Center page, those integrations are associated with tracking IDs Datto has issued to the vendors, and they will work in all Autotask instances. Only the vendor has the ID, and they pass it with all API calls. So if it is a global 3rd party integration, you select a vendor from the dropdown, and the tracking identifier is automatically put into every API call.

If you are setting up an API user account for a custom integration, Autotask will generate a Tracking Identifier and display it on the page. You must copy this identifier into the SOAP header.

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