Managing security levels

What are security levels?

Each internal resource and co-managing user is assigned a security level in Autotask that controls their access to features and data in your Autotask instance, including the main Autotask menu , the My menu, and task and ticket menus. Security level object permissions also control data access through dashboard widgets.

IMPORTANT  Security levels assigned to co-managing users should be given special consideration. Refer to Co-managed security levels.

What security levels does Autotask come with?

Autotask includes a set of system security levels intended for specific roles in MSP organizations. To get started, you can simply assign those to the users you are setting up.

Refer to System security levels for further information.

You can inactivate or copy most system security levels, but you cannot edit or delete them. You can assign system security levels to users as they are, but the best practice is to use them as templates for your own custom security levels.

Learn more in the Best practice recommendations section of this article.

Do you need additional security levels?


Once you have a better understanding of Autotask and how your company will be using it, you should perform a security review. If the system security levels are not a perfect fit or you need additional ones, copy the closest match and add or remove access to specific features. You could, for example, create a "Manager" version of a security level by enabling admin access for certain features. Refer to Admin security settings.

For information on editing existing or creating additional security levels, refer to Creating or editing a custom security level.

Best practice recommendations

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