Assigning outsourcing permissions

Outsourcing permission levels

Outsourcing has its own set of permissions that can be assigned independently of Autotask security levels.

There are four levels of outsourcing permissions:

Outsourcing Level Permissions
None User can see tickets that were outsourced, and who they were outsourced to, but they cannot themselves outsource tickets.
Allow Outsourcing Users can outsource tickets but have no access to Outsource Management features like the dashboard or partner management.
Allow Partner Management Users can outsource tickets, view dashboard, and invite and manage partners.
Allow All Resource has access to all outsourcing features and can accept the outsource agreement, outsource tickets, view dashboard, manage partners, and view financial information. Users with this level of permissions act as "outsource administrators."

You must have at least one active resource with Allow All permissions.

Default outsourcing permission levels assigned to security levels

When your company activates the Outsource module, your Autotask resources are automatically assigned the following outsource permissions:

Autotask Security Level Default Outsourcing Permissions
Autotask Administrator Allow All
Service Desk User Allow Outsourcing
All Others None

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