Report security settings

This article describes the security settings you can configure to grant or restrict user access to reporting features in Autotask. It also documents the settings of the system security levels in your Autotask instance.

System security levels are not editable, but you can make copies and edit them to create custom security levels. Refer to:


Reports permissions empower you to customize the report categories that are accessible to your users. Granting report permissions gives security group members the ability to access the standard pre-built Autotask reports associated with those categories.

NOTE  LiveReports are published separately; refer to Publishing LiveReports. For more about reports available in Autotask, refer to Reports.

You can access reports via the Reports page. On the Reports page, select the tab for the desired category. Reports appear on a Category tab only when the user has permission to view reports in that category.

The Reports settings section of the Security Level configuration page in Autotask PSA.

You access the Reports page in several ways:

  • By clicking Reports in the Autotask main menu .
  • By moving your mouse over Reports in the menu, then clicking to select a Category from the secondary menu.
  • By moving over an item in the Autotask main menu , such as Service Desk, then clicking Reports under the Reports heading.

NOTE  Visible report data is limited by other security level settings, for example, CRM organization Your Autotask instance may be configured to use one of the following terms instead: Account, Business Unit, Client Company, Customer, Site. view permissions. The Autotask main menu lists only categories the user has permission to view.

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