Using work lists

The ticket and task work lists allow you to quickly and easily set aside up to 25 tickets and 25 tasks that you're working on. Each ticket or task in the work list may be equipped with a stopwatch you'll use to track the time you've spent on it. You can stop or pause the stopwatch, or launch a time entry page from a stopwatch at any time.

NOTE  The stopwatch is only available if a task or ticket's associated category has the stopwatch check box enabled: > Admin > Features & Settings > Service Desk (Tickets) > Ticket Categories, or > Admin > Features & Settings > Projects & Tasks > Task Categories > Edit Category > General Tab > Other Options > Enable Stopwatch.

You can access the work lists from anywhere in Autotask, open them in a separate window, or keep them docked to the side of the screen:

If several tickets or tasks have been assigned to you and you'll be working on all of them throughout the day, add them to the work list so you can quickly switch between them.

You can also place tickets and tasks on other people's work lists if they're the primary resource, either to remind them of their assignments for the day, or to keep an eye on progress towards completion.

Tickets and tasks can also be added to the primary resource's work list by a workflow rule. If there isn't any room left on a resource's work list when a workflow rule tries to add it, the resource is notified via email. Refer to Adding, editing, and copying workflow rules.

NOTE  If you want to see which tickets and tasks have been added to your work list by other people or by a workflow rule, choose the “Added by” field in your work list settings.

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