Forwarding and modifying tasks

On the Forward/Modify Project Tasks page, you can modify selected fields and assign different and additional resources to one or multiple tasks. This feature is available for single tasks on the context menus of task widget drill-in tables and the project schedule. The bulk operation is available from the project schedule only.

  1. To forward or modify a task or tasks, do the following:
  2. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.
  3. To forward/modify a single task, select Forward/Modify from the context menu.
  4. To forward/modify multiple tasks at once, select the tasks in the ID number column of the project schedule and then select Forward/Modify from the bulk menu in the ID column. Refer to Select and deselect schedule items.

The Forward/Modify Project Tasks page will open.

  1. For a general description of task fields, refer to Task field descriptions. The following fields can be modified:
Field Description

General Information


If one task is selected, the current field values are displayed. If multiple tasks are selected, the Title field displays Varies - Keep Current, and other fields will show Multiple Selected - Keep Current or direct you to leave the field blank to keep the current values.





Priority Order

Task Category

Client Portal Access

This field will show the Multiple Selected - Keep Current option in addition to the standard options.


Task Type

This field will show the Multiple Selected - Keep Current option in addition to the standard options.

Estimated Hours

Leave the field blank to keep the current values.



If the tasks have different values, these fields will display Multiple Selected - Keep Current.

If at least one of the tasks being forwarded has work type limiting enabled, you will not be able to modify the Department and Work Type fields. Refer to Work type limiting.


Work Type


Filter resources by project billing roles Select this check box to limit the selection in the Resource fields to team members and roles associated with the project.

Primary Resource

If at least one of the tasks being forwarded/modified has a primary resource, Work Type will be required.

Add to Work List of Primary Resource selected above Select this box to add the task to the primary resource's work list.
Remove from old Primary Resource's Work List If you are changing the primary resource on a task and you are selecting the Add to Primary Resource's Work List box, you may want to also check this one, so the same task is not going to be on two resources' work lists.
Add Secondary Resources (Role)

When you select one or more resources, they will become secondary resources on all selected tasks, except on tasks where they are already selected as the primary resource.

If Filter resource by project billing roles has been selected, only project team members will be available.

  • If a selected resource is already assigned as a secondary resource at a different role, the role will be updated.
  • If a selected resource/role is already assigned as the primary resource at a different role, the current resource/role of the primary resource will remain intact.
  • If all tasks being forwarded are assigned the same category, the Add Secondary Resources (Role) field will respect any pick list limitations configured for the secondary resources field on that task category. We will not respect pick list limitations if the selected tasks are not all for the same task category.
  • We will handle Co-managed Resource incompatibility the same way we handle it for the Primary Resource field
  • Co-managing users will not be assigned as secondary resources if they are not associated with the task's organization.
  • The maximum number of secondary resources that can be assigned to a task is 50.
Remove Secondary Resources

This field will allow you to remove named resources from the task. Click the selector icon to show the list of secondary resources assigned to the selected tasks.

If you add the same resource to both the Add Secondary Resources (Role) and Remove Secondary Resources fields, the later action is executed.

User-Defined Fields

User-Defined Fields

With the exception of List (Multi Select) UDFs, which cannot be forwarded, User-Defined Fields can appear on the Forward/Modify Project Tasks page.

  • If you select one task, you see only the UDFs visible on the current task's category.
  • If you select multiple tasks that have the same category, you see all the UDFs visible on that task category.
  • If the selected tasks have different categories, you will see all the UDFs that are visible on the task categories of all the selected tasks.

NOTE  If your security level specifies a "Render as" task category, you will see the UDFs visible on that task category. For more information on the "Render as" security level setting, refer to Render all Tasks as Task Category:.

  1. Click Save & Close to update all selected tasks.

NOTE   You can use workflow rules to send automatic notification when you change the task resources. Refer to The Workflow Rules page.