Searching and managing service calls

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  This feature may be hidden in your Autotask instance because it is not activated. If so, you can activate it on the > Admin > Admin Categories > Activations page. Refer to Activations.

About service calls

A service call is a type of scheduling item that reserves time for a specific customer on an individual user's calendar and the Dispatch Calendar. One or multiple tickets and possibly tasks (if the Allow users that can view all tickets to see, edit, and schedule project tasks in Dispatch Calendar system setting is checked) are added to the service call, and are now "scheduled" to be worked on during that time.

All resources who are assigned to any of the tasks or tickets in the service call are automatically scheduled for the service call, and the service call is displayed on their calendar.

All users can manage their own service calls. Managing other service calls is governed by service call object permissions of a user's security level. Refer to Service Desk security settings.

NOTE  Service calls can be scheduled without adding tasks or tickets, but since resource scheduling is tied to tasks and tickets, such service calls will only appear on the Dispatch Calendar if Show Calls w/ No Scheduled Resource is checked.

Service calls are managed from a context menu on search tables and widget drill-in tables, as well as your calendar and the Dispatch Calendar.