Adding or editing an Autotask quote

NOTE  If the Kaseya Quote Manager (formerly Datto Commerce) integration and the Quote Prompt feature are enabled, the Choose a Quoting Tool page will open, allowing you to choose either Autotask or Kaseya Quote Manager as the quoting tool. Refer to Selecting a quoting tool.

Opportunities can have zero, one, or multiple quotes. A quote is always associated with only one opportunity. You can:

  • Create the opportunity first, then add a quote
  • Create a quote and select an existing opportunity
  • Create a quote and create a new opportunity for it on the fly
  • Create a quote without selecting or creating an opportunity for it, and allow Autotask to auto-create the opportunity for you.

To create or edit a quote:

  1. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.
  2. Optionally, select a form template from the drop-down menu or enter the speed code for the form template. The form template will fill a number of fields.
  3. Populate the remaining required fields (identified by a red asterisk) on all tabs, and other fields as needed.
  1. To save the quote and begin adding quote items, click Save & Open Quote. The Quote page will open. Refer to The Quote (Quote Item) page. To save the quote without adding any quote items, click Save & Close.
  2. If the quote was saved without an opportunity, Autotask will automatically create it. The newly created opportunity will have the same name as the associated quote and will use the system default opportunity category. Refer to Managing categories. Additional fields will be populated as indicated in the following table. You can edit the opportunity at a later time if needed. Refer to Adding and editing opportunities