Closing opportunities you have won

NOTE  If you want to quickly "win" an opportunity that has a quote that contains only products, one-time item discounts, shipping, and/or charges, you may want to use the Won Quote Wizard. Refer to Winning or losing quotes (quick quotes).

The Won Opportunity Wizard is a tool that automatically completes a number of tasks when you have closed a sale. It will update the opportunity status to Closed. This action moves the opportunity amount from the Forecast column to the Revenue column in Autotask reports, and changes the organization type to Customer, if necessary. It will also manage the hand-off from your sales team to your production team.

Running the wizard

The wizard can include up to 10 steps. The specific steps required for an opportunity depend on the completeness of organization and opportunity data and the types of revenue items that are part of the opportunity.

  1. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above. Complete each step of the Won Opportunity Wizard as described.

  2. Click Next to proceed through the steps.

Reporting on opportunity win reasons

Keeping a record of why your opportunities are won, and who your primary competitors are, provides useful information to plan your sales strategies. You can report on Win Reasons using dashboard widgets and LiveReports.

When you win an opportunity, as best practice the Opportunity Owner should select a Win Reason and enter details in the Win Reason Details field. This information, along with information on lost opportunities, can be used in several forms of reporting in Autotask. For example, the widget library includes opportunity widgets to report on the reasons opportunities are won and lost. You can also report on the Win Reason, Win Reason Details, and Competitor fields using LiveReports.

You can view an Opportunity's Win Reason on the Opportunity > Details panel, unless it is hidden by the category assigned to the opportunity. You can also add the Win Reason column to the Opportunities search table.

For more details on reporting on won and lost opportunities, refer to Reporting on opportunity loss and won reasons.


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