Selecting a currency and local terms and symbols

About this page

The Local Terms and Symbols page allows administrators to make system-wide changes to default Autotask labels for certain fields from a list of pre-configured choices.

NOTE   With the exception of Location, labels can only be changed in English-language Autotask instances. Users of non-English versions are limited to selecting currency symbols and display formats on this page.

To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.

Column descriptions

Column Description
Default The default terms used when you first implement Autotask, and in all online help and training materials.
Description A description of the entity you are selecting a term for.
Current Settings Shows the currently active selections, and a drop-down list of all available options. The labels selected in the Current Settings column will appear throughout Autotask.

Updating local terms and currency settings

To update local terms and currency settings, do the following:

Setting Type Description


To change a local term, click the drop-down list in the Current Setting column and select a different term.

NOTE  The term Site is available for both Organization and Location but can be selected only once.

Currency Symbol

If you use a single currency (the Multi-currency feature is not enabled), select the correct currency symbol for your country. For a list of all supported currencies and all symbols that can be used to display them, refer to Supported Currencies.

If Multi-currency is enabled for your Autotask instance, the currency settings are removed from the Local Terms & Symbols page. Currency settings are managed on the Currencies page instead. Refer to Enabling Multi-currency and managing currencies.

Positive Currency Format

Select the format you want to use for positive amounts in this currency throughout Autotask. Available options are:

$n : $53

n$ : 53$

$ n : $ 53

n $ : 53 $

Negative Currency Format

Select the format you want to use for negative amounts in this currency throughout Autotask. Note that the currency symbol is always represented by the "$" sign, regardless of which currency you are editing (in the following examples the Euro).

Available options are:

($n) : (€53)

-$n : -€53

$-n : €-53

$n- : €53-

(n$) : (53€)

-n$ : -53€

n-$ : 53-€

n$- : 53€-

-n $ : -53 €

-$ n : -€ 53

n $- : 53 €-

$ n- : € 53-

$ -n : € -53

n- $ : 53- €

($ n) : (€ 53)

(n $) : (53 €)