Adding and editing time on a task

IMPORTANT  By default, notes and time entry pages launched from a task or ticket in New, Edit, or View mode open in a modal dialog box. For information about dialog boxes and how they differ from browser pages, refer to Minimizing Dialog Boxes.

Task time entry methods

Selecting the task

If you launch the New Task Time Entry page from a location other than the Task or Edit Task page, an additional task selection page will open first, to allow you to select the task you want to enter time on.

Header elements

Adding or editing a time entry

  1. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.
  2. Complete the fields in the following sections:
  1. Click one of the Save options. If validation fails (a required field was not populated), the notification panel is minimized and unpopulated fields are highlighted one after the other, until all issues are dealt with.
  2. If validation succeeds, Autotask will:
  • apply any contract exclusions. Refer to What happens when you apply an excluded role or work type to a ticket or time entry?
  • check to see if the contract is expired.
  • check to see if the time entry crosses the end of business hours and an after-hours work type is configured. If so, the time entry will be split. Refer to After-Hours Time.
  • send notification emails to any default or selected recipients. If you used decimal time entry on multiple days, only one notification email is sent. This email will contain the Time Entry Details entered on the last day of the work record. Refer to Notification emails.
  • track the time against the ticket.
  • enter the time on your (or the selected resource's) timesheet.
  • move all time entries to Contracts > Approve & Post for financial approval and billing.

Time entries on tasks and tickets can be viewed on work entry drill-in tables accessed from your dashboard. Refer to Reviewing your hours worked.

After-Hours Time

If this time entry includes time outside your regular business hours (as defined by the Internal Location assigned to you) and the assigned Work Type has an After-Hours Work Type set up, you will be notified that the time entry will be split into two time entries when you click Save.

A second time entry for the after-hours time will be created. The second time entry will copy the summary and internal notes of the first, and a note about its creation will be added to the internal notes for both time entries. Any offset time will be applied to the latest occurring time entry. The time entries are then independent from each other. Rules such as rounding or Never Bill More/Less than are applied appropriately to each time entry. Refer to After-Hours Work Type.

If the time entry falls entirely outside regular business hours and the assigned Work Type has an After-Hours Work Type set up, you will see a warning letting you know that the After-Hours Work Type will be applied.

NOTE  If no business hours were configured for the resource's internal location, they are assumed to be 8 AM to 6 PM.

Changing the task the time entry is associated with

You can change the task a time entry is associated with, both while creating, and while editing a time entry. If you change the task on a new time entry, any unsaved changes will be lost. You will simply return to the task selector page.

If you edit an existing time entry and click Change Task, the following happens:

  1. The same warning dialog will open, even though there are no unsaved changes.
  2. Click Yes to proceed. The Change Task dialog box will open. It will display three sections:
Section Name Description


The Task section contains the same fields as the task selection page. Refer to Selecting the task.

Task Status

Refer to Task Status.


Refer to Billing.

  1. Click Save & Close.