Creating Knowledge Base articles from tickets

Any user with the required permissions can create an article from a ticket at any time in the ticket life cycle. Note that if work is still being done on a ticket and pertinent information is added to the ticket resolution field after the content has been created, the information will not be passed to the article.

To create a knowledge base article from the current ticket, do the following:

  1. On the Ticket page, click the Knowledge Base menu and select New Knowledge Base Article, or click Add a Solution in the Tags section.

The New Article page opens. Article fields are populated as follows:

Ticket Field... ...populates Knowledge Base Article Field
Ticket Title Title
Ticket Description Content
Ticket Resolution

Content (under the heading Resolution).

The Resolution field can be populated directly, but can also be populated from the Summary Notes of ticket time entries and the Description field of ticket notes. All this content will be added to the article Content field.

Ticket Time Entries If the Append Summary Notes to Resolution check box was selected in the Time Entry window, the Summary Notes are added to the article Content field in the format Resolution: Summary Notes.
Ticket Notes If the Append to Resolution check box was selected in the Ticket Note window, the note's Descriptionfield is added to the article Content field.
Issue Type Keywords
Sub-issue Type Keywords



Any tags will be added to the article.

Ticket Number, Ticket Title Related Tickets
not available The Article Category field defaults to All Articles.
not available The Published To field defaults to Internal Only.
not available The article will be Active.
not available The article's Error Code will be empty.


The article Checklist template will be empty.

  1. Edit fields as required and use the Rich Text formatting tools to format the Content field.
  2. When the article is complete, click Save.
  3. To add attachments or notes, scroll to the Accessory section and click the Activity or Attachments tab. Refer to The Activity tab and The Attachments tab.

NOTE  Attachments added to the ticket are not added to the article, and vice versa.