Adding and managing attachments

About Attachments

Adding attachments

Sending attachments with a notification email

When you add attachments to an Autotask entity, you can use notification emails to send those attachments to a contact, co-worker, or another email address.

NOTE  Notification emails can only include attachments to the parent entity, not random external attchments.

IMPORTANT  The size limit for attachments on emails is 10 MB. When emailing multiple attachments (ticket note, task note, and project note attachments only), the total of all attachments cannot exceed the 10 MB maximum. If you exceed 10 MB, the attachments are added to Autotask but not added to the email.

Managing Attachments

Attachments are accessed from and managed on the entity they are attached to. They can be located in an Attachments section, or on an Attachments or Activity accessory tab. Except on the Activity tab, all attachments to an item will be listed in a table. Context menu options will depend on the type of attachments.

Multiple attachments can be deleted at once by selecting the attachments and choosing Delete Selected Attachments from the bulk menu.

Select the context menu on an attachment to complete one of the following actions:

Menu option Attachment Type Description

Open in Browser


Images and HTML files are opened in the browser.


If the file requires a desktop app (for example, a PowerPoint file), the Opening... dialog opens.

Visit Link


File Link

Folder Link

For URLs, shows a Leaving Autotask message. Click Continue to open the URL in a separate window.


For File Link and Folder Link attachments, a dialog window with the path to the file or folder will open. The path must be copied and pasted into a browser or your File Manager.

Download Attachment


An Opening... dialog lets you choose to open the file with a browser plug-in or to select the application to open the file with, and the file location.

Edit Attachment


You can edit the Name, Publish To and File or URL of the attachment.

Delete Attachment


Select the Delete Attachment option, then click Yes to confirm the deletion. Deletion cannot be undone.

To delete an attachment, permission is required. For entities where you can configure separate Delete permission for attachments, Delete permission is required. Otherwise, Delete permission for the parent entity is required. For attachments to tickets and tasks, system administrators can delete any attachment while all other resources can only delete the attachments they added.

  • If the attachment was uploaded to the Autotask instance, it is removed.

  • For all other attachment types, the link to the file or URL is deleted, but the file, folder, or URL will remain.

Attachment History


Opens the Attachment History page. This page tracks changes to any of the attachment fields, who performed the action, and a date and time stamp.