Working with problem and incident tickets

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  This feature may be hidden in your Autotask instance because it is not activated. If so, you can activate it on the > Admin > Admin Categories > Activations page. Refer to Activations.

NOTE  For an overview of Autotask ticket types, refer to Selecting a ticket type.

Whether you follow the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines for problem management or not, the Autotask problem/incident ticket feature will help you group and manage tickets that have a common cause.

  • If a customer calls you and asks that you set up a new Active Directory user account for a new employee, it is a service request.
  • If a customer calls you with a hardware or software issue that you know is isolated, for example, if their printer is broken, it is an incident without a root cause problem. When you fix the printer, the incident is resolved.
  • Sometimes, however, one or more customers will contact you with an issue that is part of a larger unknown problem. Or, you'll see a group of tickets that all have the same root cause. These issues are incidents, and the cause of these incidents is the problem. The incidents can come from one or more customers.

Of course, your goal is to restore normal IT service operations as quickly as possible to minimize the adverse impact on your customers' business operations. Associating incidents with a problem can help you do that by helping you track, manage, and resolve all related incidents together instead of handling each one separately.

If the Change Management feature is enabled, you may wish to associate a problem or incident ticket with one or more change request tickets. If you do so, an additional tab labeled Changes will be displayed on your ticket. For more information, refer to Change management.

IMPORTANT  The Merge and Absorb ticket options differ from and are not related to Problem, Incident, or Change Request tickets. For information on merging and absorbing tickets, refer to Merging tickets.

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