Billing and Line of Business

When Line of Business is enabled, your Contract Management or Accounting team has an entirely new set of tools to classify billing and expense items in Autotask. At the same time, the financial team's implementation of Line of Business is completely independent of, and will not interfere with, your service team's implementation. Each group can set up lines of business for their specific purposes.

The vehicle for this independence is the contract.

Contracts are billing arrangements that are owned by your Contract Management or Accounting team. Contracts can have a line of business that is different from the line of business selected on the ticket or project.

IMPORTANT  Billing and expense items associated with the ticket or project will inherit the line of business of the contract, not the parent entity.

  • Your contract managers can set up completely separate set of lines of business with the purpose of assigning billing items to the correct profit centers, or map them to QuickBooks classes. Refer to Mapping lines of business to QuickBooks classes and Exporting billing data.
  • At the same time, tickets and projects can be assigned to the line of business that makes the most sense for your service team. For a discussion of these objectives, refer to Data segmentation.

NOTE  Billing and expense items associated with a contract that has a different line of business than the ticket or project remain visible and can be managed on the ticket or project.

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