Data segmentation

The second set of objectives for implementing Line of Business could be described as data segmentation or multi-tenancy. Many organizations are interested in keeping certain groups of users away from certain tickets or projects.

EXAMPLE  A large organization has a Home Appliances and a Turbines division. They have two completely separate support teams and would like to avoid the co-mingling of tickets. They set up two lines of business, and each team only has access to the tickets in the line of business they are assigned to.

With Line of Business, you can configure your resource accounts to grant or prevent access to Autotask items based on their line of business. Users can see items in lines of business they are associated with, items directly assigned to them, and items that are not associated with any line of business. This tagging of resources is completely independent of a user's security level. A more thorough explanation can be found in Lines of business and resource data access.

This lets you set up contractors and even customers with an Autotask license, without worrying about security. You can effectively create data silos, or fenced-off areas, or run multiple businesses out of one instance of Autotask. You can also set up Autotask to better serve customers in more than one language.

Use cases

The following use cases illustrate how and why the feature might be used.

Best practice recommendations