Form templates

Autotask form templates and speed codes streamline data entry for selected entities in Autotask and in LiveMobile. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.

  • Form Templates automatically populate multiple fields in Autotask forms. A form template can also be configured to trigger notification emails to specified recipients. After loading a template, you can edit any automatically populated field.
  • To make templates even faster, use speed codes. When you create or edit a form template, assign a code to it. When you create a new entity, enter the alphanumeric code into the speed code field to load the template.

IMPORTANT  Selecting a form template is the equivalent of manually populating the form. Form template settings will override any previously populated field content, including notification settings, additional contacts, and secondary resources!

Templates you create can be available only to yourself (Personal) or, depending on your security level permissions, made available for your department or the entire organization.

NOTE   Users can edit, copy, and delete the form templates they create. To edit, copy, and delete all form templates, a user's security level must include Admin level permission as described at the beginning of this topic, after the Security requirements description. For more about custom security levels, refer to Creating or editing a custom security level.

NOTE  To see and edit all form templates requires the following security level permissions:
• Ticket, Ticket Note, Ticket Time Entry, Service Call, and Quick Call form templates require Admin > Service Desk (Tickets) permission.
• Task Note and Task Time Entry form templates require Admin > Projects & Tasks permission.
• Opportunity and Quote form templates require Admin > Sales & Opportunities permission.

You add and manage form templates on the Form Templates and My Form Templates pages.

  • To add a new form template, click New and select an entity. Refer to Adding and editing form templates.
  • To find a specific form template, use the Quick Search row at the top of the table.
  • To edit, inactivate, copy or delete a form template, use the context menu.
  • For information on how to use form templates and speed codes, refer to Using form templates and speed codes.