The checklist

About checklists

The Checklist is a section that can be added to the body of Autotask entities by the item creator or a resource with permission to edit the item.

  • It allows the creator (or another resource with permission to edit the item) to outline the steps that must be taken to resolve the ticket or task or pursue the opportunity.
  • Checklist items can be added at the parent or child level, allowing the user to group checklist items. This makes long checklists easier to navigate.
  • Important steps can be emphasized with an exclamation mark, and steps can be linked to documents or Knowledge Base articles, making this a great tool to guide less experienced team members through a step-by-step process.
  • As checklist items are completed, the date, time and resource information is tracked. Managers have an instant view of who did what, and how far along the ticket is on the path to resolution.
  • Workflow rules can fire on the following conditions: "Has Incomplete Checklist Item(s)" and “Has Incomplete Important Checklist Item(s)." Widget filters are available for these conditions as well.
  • You can add up to 100 items to a checklist. Completed items can be hidden by the user, making longer checklists easy to navigate.

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