Action types

About action types

CRM notes and to-dos have a required Action Type field that categorizes the notes and to-dos and describes the nature of the sales activity. The action type also determines whether a note or to-do will appear in Autotask in the Calendar view, To-Do view, Calendar and To-Do views, or Neither Calendar nor To-Do views.

EXAMPLE  Examples of action types are "Email", "Customer Meeting", or "Follow-up Call."

Autotask provides system action types to get new users started and ensure that there are always action types available for selection. You can add as many additional action types as needed.

Unlike system notes, system action types are not associated with any internal Autotask processes, so their names and view options (Calendar, To-Do, both, or none) can be customized to match your company's workflow. System action types cannot be inactivated or deleted.

NOTE  The system action type opportunity update is only visible on your personal calendar and will not be visible on the dispatch calendar.