Adding or editing a project charge

NOTE  If you do not have security level permission to view charges and expenses, the Charges & Expenses menu option will be hidden. If you do not have security level permission to view Project related internal cost data, you will not see the unit cost, extended cost, or estimated cost fields. Refer to Creating or editing a custom security level.

Charges are used to track billable or non-billable inventory items, products, and materials that are associated with a contract, ticket, or project.

They can be selected from either the Product list or the Material Code list. This provides you the flexibility to charge the customer for specific items (including tracking a serial number), or use material codes as generic categories and optionally change the charge name and description.

All charges flow through the Autotask billing process, where your company's financial approver has the last word on whether and how much to bill for the item. Either way, the association with the contract, project, or ticket means that both the cost and the revenue of charge items are factored into the profitability of the contract, project, or ticket.

Inventory tables on the Charge page

If Inventory is enabled and a charge is based on an inventory product, two additional tables will appear on the New Charge and Edit Charge pages.

Managing stocked items

On the Charge page's inventory tables, you can do the following: