Common ticket workflows

Ticketing workflows used with Autotask are as varied as our customers.

Basic ticket workflow

Your company:

If this describes your company, refer to Basic ticket workflow.

NOTE  A certain percentage of tickets created by all customers will follow this workflow.

Alert workflow

Your company:

  • Follows a Managed Services business model
  • Uses an RMM application or other integrated software that generates tickets from an alert
  • Associates most tickets with a device (device)

You will be using the Alert Workflow for many of your tickets. Refer to Alert workflow.

Problem/incident workflow

Your company:

  • Follows the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines for problem management
  • Uses either the Basic Ticket or the Alert Workflow

Refer to Problem management workflow.

Change management workflow

Your company:

  • Uses any combination of workflows, and also...
  • Uses Change Management to control and enable beneficial changes with minimum disruption to service delivery

Refer to Change management workflow.