Adding notes to articles and documents

NOTE  The Documentation Management functionality is included in the Autotask Premium edition and the Ultimate edition. For customers with the Essential edition, the Document Management module is disabled.

NOTE  Knowledge Base article and document notes are not exposed on the Global Notes Search page, and don't have a note type. They are also not exposed in the API, or in LiveReports.

To add a note, and optionally an attachment that is linked to the note, do the following:

  1. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.
  2. At the top of the Activity tab, click New Note. The New Article Note or New Document Note page opens.
  3. Complete the following fields:
Field Description


Creating titles using key words will allow you to find notes later in lists and searches. A setting on the General tab of the category will determine if a note title is required for task and ticket notes. Refer to Note Titles.

Enter a Title for the note.


Enter the note text (up to 2,000 characters) into the Description field. For longer notes, you can re-size the field by grabbing the bottom right corner and dragging it down.

This field supports the enhanced Rich Text, including inline images. Refer to Using the enhanced Rich Text editor.

A plain text version of the note will also be saved, and kept in sync with the Rich Text version.

Internal Only

This check box controls who will be able to view this note. The default setting is cleared.

  • If selected, only internal Autotask resources will be able to view the note.
  • If cleared, all Autotask resources, Outsourcing partners, and customers with access to the note in the Client Portal can view the note.

Add New Attachment

Add Attachment

Opens the New Attachment dialog box. Refer to Adding and managing attachments.

The attachment will appear as a reply to the note on the Activity tab.