Overview of organizations

About organizations

All customer information tracked in Autotask relates to an organization. Each organization record in Autotask represents a business entity (a company or organization) that is a customer, prospect, partner, or vendor.

An organization can have multiple contacts, opportunities, projects, tickets, etc. However, these and other Autotask entities cannot be created in Autotask without being associated with an organization.

Autotask's approach is different from contact management software, such as Microsoft Outlook, because it reflects your relationships with organizations rather than individuals. Contacts are important, but they are subject to change as individuals leave the organization or get promoted, whereas your business relationship with the organization persists.

Special properties of your local organization

For Autotask to work correctly, your local organization must have a record in your Autotask instance. Your local organization record has special properties. Refer to Your local organization in Autotask.

Managing organizations

A number of features help you to manage the organizations in your Autotask instance.

Organization locations and parent/sub-organization relationships

In the real world, your customers are not all independent businesses where all the work you do for that customer is in one physical location, and all billing is sent to one address. To manage customer work that is more complex than the one customer, one address scenario, Autotask provides two options: multiple locations associated with one organization in Autotask, and parent/sub-organization relationships between two independent organizations.