Overview of Client Portal and Taskfire Internal Help Desk


For more information about Client Portal features, refer to Viewing the Client Portal end user documentation, or contact your account manager.

You can also enable Client Portal and Taskfire at no cost for users at your local organization. This will allow you to demo the portal to your clients.

Customizing and branding your Client Portal

Except for the activation of individual client contacts which you can delegate to a Client Portal Manager at the client company, the generic Client Portal is ready to use. But since the Client Portal will represent you to your clients, we recommend you spend some time to:

  • add your logo to the login page and the portal itself
  • customize the look and feel of the portal
  • configure the workflow between you and your clients

There are two levels of customization and configuration:

  • You can configure global settings that will apply to all portal instances, for example global authentication settings and portal security levels.
  • You can then modify many of these settings at the client level.

Refer to ADMIN: Configuring the Client Portal.