Internal Costs

About internal costs

Each resource in Autotask has an internal cost assigned under Resource Management. The internal cost, also known as the burden rate, represents your company's cost per hour for work done by that resource. That cost is used throughout Autotask when calculating the profitability of work performed.

There are times when contract-related work requires a resource to have a different internal cost from the one assigned to them in Autotask. For example, a government contract may have a "prevailing wage" requirement, or one resource may perform different jobs that pay different rates.

Contract Internal Costs allow you to set one or more internal costs specifically for work performed under a contract. The internal costs are assigned to individual resources and associated with a role. They are used in all profitability calculations for the contract.

You can manage internal costs for a contract on the Internal Costs page. To access this page, click Internal Costs in the Contract Summary view menu.

NOTE  Contract Internal Costs will not apply to time entries associated with the contract but dated outside of the contract's effective dates.

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